Mike Voyce Commendation Retired Lawyer, Author, Radio-Talk Host, and Teacher July, 2012 - Cont.





In these days of very rapid change and consequent conflict, with the awful tensions and misery of the Palestinian question seeming perpetually entrenched, there is an obvious need to realize that no religious inspiration or tradition should isolate its followers from the rest of Humanity. By putting the development of religious ideas into the context of Egyptian and post Egyptian history, Future of God Amen makes this possible. On reading his reasons for writing the book, on Mr. Ginex's website: www.futureofgodamen.com, I naturally felt they were unreasonably ambitious; I no longer feel that.

Myself, having used inspiration to write a book, and talking about inspiration regularly on an Internet radio show, I believe I can recognize it when I read it. Inspiration shows itself in the richness and range of what comes through, completely unlike a conscious invention or rehearsal of dull facts. The scale of the inspiration here is awesome, and I think Nicholas Ginex is still in awe of it himself; it shows in his need to reference, credit and give details.

I elected to read Future of God Amen in an e-format; as my copy stands the notes can get in the way a little, it's a minor point and one which does not apply to a paper edition. In a way these notes are endearing, showing Nicholas at pains to be open and truthful, and I have no doubt he is. His care to develop his story through the book carries you with him, and drops `pennies' into place in your mind, regularly, as it goes.


Unlike radio and television, if you read a book you give your time and yourself to it. For me, at least, the investment should be worthwhile. With so many books released today I feel that investment is not worthwhile. On the other hand you must never give up hope, for there are still books released today which can genuinely change your life, Future of God Amen is one of them.



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