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“Nicholas takes facts and figures from Christian, Judaic, and Islamic religions and takes them into a new level where scholars, and professors alike will be mind blown and use this superb work of literature; Collaborating Ginex’s controversial piece of literature into their studies for centuries to come. This book is a must read for mystics or anyone who is interested in religious texts and studies!”


-Michael G. Stone, Poet and Author of five books including; "Forest of Caves: Season's of Heaven and Hell" (2005), and "Forest of Caves: The Darkest Garden" (2009)


“This is a riveting glimpse into the ancient past where many of our present day beliefs originated and how they have evolved into the contemporary religions and beliefs of today. Whether your beliefs stem from the Islamic, Christian or Judaic beliefs, this book highlights the important roll ancient Egypt played in their creation and where the concept of God has its roots. Nicholas P. Ginex has in my judgment created a masterful, easy to read correlation of well documented and presented historical information, which we can all benefit from. An eye opening revelation for those unfamiliar with the origins of their religious beliefs. A superb addition to anyone's library.”

-Canadian Author, Richard Regener


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