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This book serves to enlighten our young people and generations to come that followers of the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions all pray and worship the same God; a God that created all there is throughout the universe.  It is the author’s hope that through belief in the same God and acknowledgement by religious leaders that Amen is a sacred bond between their religions, they will work together to teach our sisters and brothers from all nations - to love and assist one another.
Recommendations are provided in the last chapter of this book to ignite our brightest minds to become proactive with religious leaders.  In addition, this book reveals flaws in the Scriptures of the three basic religions that are responsible for weakening the beliefs of many discerning and honest loving people.  How these flaws can be resolved by either being revised or eliminated is to be determined by our greatest minds; perceptive and courageous religious leaders, and our wonderful hope for this world – our youth.


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