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I am Nicholas P. Ginex, a lover of humanity and a seeker of truth. My mission is to explore, to search, to study, to educate and to unveil. While aerospace, engineering and science are my fields of academics, yet history, philosophy and humanities are my fields of research. I am here to learn from people and teach a few, so together we can seek the light and search for the truth. May the sun shine a light from behind the clouds of obscurity and may love for one another prevail.


The above paragraph was modified from the brief biography written by Dr, Ahreeman, developer and administrator of the following website that hosts many articles by me.


The first book was written for my four daughters to remember me by after my passing and it was titled, Legacy of a Father. It is a historical novel that reveals the Ancient Egyptians developed the beliefs in a soul, a hereafter, a son of god, and after the worship of many gods, the belief in one-universal God, the Creator and Maker of all there is.


Legacy of a Father provided for the research that expanded my knowledge about religions and became the foundation of the many books that followed. Enjoy the books shown on the Home Page with an open mind. My mission is to reveal the truth that has been corrupted by powerful organizations. Facts are my tools to formulate logical findings to inform and educate people; only then can people advance to the next level of human and spiritual development. Those of you who desire to read Legacy of a Father, you may e-mail me on Contact the Author page and request a copy.