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“Better written and more cohesive than many books on religion, Future of God Amen is scholarly and fleshed out to the point of textbook meticulousness; but it blindsides you with new discoveries and conclusions. Ginex’s provocative analysis of theology that we thought was absolute, is unsettling. How much do we really know about God? How much do our religious leaders really know about the beginning of the creation of God?  Ginex has conclusively shown that “Amen” is more definitive than “So be it.” Muslims use the word “Amin,” with the same meaning as in Christianity, and the Islamic use of the word is the same as the Jewish Amen. They all imply an underlining attribute: truth. How stark are the differences? How solid are the similarities? In the drive to reduce everything down to "God is good, Amen," important nuances are lost. Ginex underlines the need for these nuances to be acknowledged by religious leaders of the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic faiths.”  


“I recommend reading each chapter slowly, and questioning the validity of Ginex’s assertions and conclusions. This book is for believers, agnostics, and nonbelievers of God; for those who want a broader perspective of how mankind first conceived God. A recommended read for religious leaders of the major religions; this will unify their scriptures and teach the Word of God—to love one another.”


Andrea Borja, Journalist and Author of Fixing Alicia


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