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Nicholas has been interviewed on a number of radio shows including the renowned international ‘X’ Zone Radio and TV Show hosted by Rob McConnell.  His book AMEN has been allocated a complimentary full-page ad on the ’X’ Zone Chronicles Newspaper, March 2013 issue and praised as the Book of the Month.


Of noteworthy mention, Nicholas wrote an article for the Clute Institute, which publishes academic journals that provides the latest thinking in many fields, such as business, engineering, economics, health, management, information systems, and education.  His article titled Provide History of Religion and God may be accessed via www.cluteinstitute.com. Upon attaining the website, click Journals and on that page, under Search for Papers, click on “here.”  On the Search page, select under journal, Contemporary Issues in Education Research (CIER), under Search Category simply enter Nicholas P. Ginex and initiate Search.   On the page presented you may select the Abstract or download the PDF article.



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