This book informs people around the world of a manmade cancer that may lead to the destruction of many lives and possibly our earth.   It should be of great interest to Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religious leaders for they are part of the problem that has caused division among God-loving people.  That division is the use of the belief of God by Religious and Ruling Authorities (RRAs) to control their followers with the objectives to acquire the wealth and resources of other countries. 

Today we are witnessing that Muslim terrorists groups are aggressively and forcefully achieving the RRA objectives with greater frequency.  Islamic religious leaders follow the belief revealed in their Holy Scripture,the Qur’an, which indicates they have the only true religion.  This belief is so ingrained in the minds of all Muslims that they believe they are commanded by Allah to unify their belief for all people.  Differences by Muslim religious followers over the beliefs held by other people have resulted in bigotry, hate, violence, and the killing of innocent people in many, many countries.

In fairness, this book identifies many abominable verses in the Judaic and Christian scriptures.  It is therefore imperative for religious leaders to read this book carefully to gain a clear understanding why they must work together to unify their Judaic, Christian, and Islamic beliefs in one God.  After all, they all truly pray to the same God.  It is their scriptures that must be improved to further the moral and spiritual growth of mankind.  This is a challenge that can be successfully accomplished if they work together to unify their beliefs in the one-universal God and teach the word of God. 





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