Dear reader, this book has been written to inform and educate people around the world about an impending threat by Islamic religious and ruling leaders that have an objective to assimilate the free world under their religion.  In the attempt to give a fair assessment of the Islamic religion, this author has objectively revealed the faults of the other two monotheistic religions, Judaism and Christianity.   No effort is made to denigrate the three major religions, but to reveal their faults so that religious leaders and followers acknowledge the dire need to revise their scriptures.

Our way of life allows for open discussion of any subject without resorting to animosity and violence.  This freedom is to be preserved at all costs in order to attain knowledge about ourselves, our neighbors, and the wonderful ideas that can lead to an increase in our understanding of human nature and revere life on this planet.  If we are able to change old, worn-out religious dogma contained in Judaic, Christian and Islamic scripture, we will achieve peace and understanding around the globe and may someday enjoy meeting other intelligent life in the universe.

This book focused on Islam in particular because unlike Judaic and Christian followers there is an overwhelmingly increase of violence by Muslims. Ample evidence has been presented within these chapters to conclusively deduce that it is the Qur’an itself that promotes and sanctions bigotry, hate, and the killing of innocent people in the name of God.  This evidence reveals a reality that because the Qur’an is faithfully used by imams, caliphs, and mullahs to indoctrinate there followers, they promote and violently force their“true religion” on all people.  Their ultimate objective is to attain a world-wide community, the ummah, a community of Muslims which exists under theocratic Islamic rule.

There is much to be said about civilizations around the world existing with a common code of morality, which is normally prescribed in Holy Scripture.  However, when a religion emerges as advocating it is the “only true religion” and forces its morality on other civilizations that have their own set of ethics and code of behavior, then that forceful approach leads only to discontent that leads to division between the various cultures. The results, motivated by suspicion, anger, and eventual hatred, lead to murder, rape, and disrespect for those who have opposing views.  The Appendix provides a documented history of the atrocities by extremist Muslims for only a one month period.  This snap-shot of history should awaken the hearts and minds of all religious leaders and people around the world to try to resolve the path of destruction promulgated by the Qur’an.



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