Epilogue – Cont.


Chapter 4.3.2 provides clear evidence of what went wrong with the economic expansion of many countries under the subjugation of Islamic ideology and rule.  In contrast with India, it was found that their Gross National Product (GDP) of about $3 trillion exceeds the total GDP of 57 Muslim countries.  Added to this reality is the inability of Islamic religious and ruling authorities (RRAs) to accept and learn from neighboring countries that are highly successful.  It takes little intelligence to realize that by emulating the educational and governmental systems of Israel that they can reap the benefits of raising their people to a higher standard of living.  However, the mindset of Muslims are constrained by the dogma of the Qur’an that advocates Jews and Christians are infidels and are not to be trusted, which prohibits the ability to form working relationships that can benefit their people.

Many facts and findings contained in this book are documented for Islamic RRAs to become fully cognizant that the Qur’an must be revised to eliminate the bigotry, hate, violence, and killing of people that have different religious beliefs.  The Qur’an even advocates suicide of their people to kill people with opposing religious beliefs and provides a reward and incentive of a blissful hereafter.  This type of mentality is indoctrinated into all Muslims by religious leaders who devoutly believe in the dogma of the Qur’an.  But this same Muslim mentality may be endemic to precipitating a Third World War by unleashing a nuclear bomb that will kill millions of lives and contaminate our planet.  This outcome is very real for a people that does not honor life and look forward to be awarded by Allah upon a successful suicide attack.  On September 6, 2011, the loss of 3,000 lives and the Boston bombing on April 20, 2013 are successful suicide attempts that are indicative of a sick mentality that is easily indoctrinated in young unsuspecting minds and retained well into adulthood. 

The problem has been identified in this book and the solution is for the RRAs of the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions to work together to unify their belief in one-universal God.  This will be accomplished by eliminating incompatible beliefs and atrocities from their Holy Scriptures.  Of greater benefit would be their ability to coalesce their beliefs into one Holy Scripture that clearly presents God’s new and greatest command given to all people by a man of God – love one another.





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