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Concise and Balanced



► “AMEN” is a concise and balanced overview of the attributes of God Amen. The author aims to help the reader understand how the belief in God developed, and why Jesus has proclaimed that Amen is “the beginning of the creation of God.” The author urges people of different faiths to meet at the intersection and unify their beliefs in God.


If you read this before going to bed, much like eating directly before bed, digesting this may be a challenge. The book comes with footnotes and a thick reference library of previous studies that solidify the author’s thesis. “Amen” is without a doubt the most challenging and provocative evaluation of the nature of God. When you read and digest what the author is saying, you will undergo a paradigm shift in your thinking about the attributes of God. In many ways, this book is a primer for further theological study.


There is a section in the book called “Author Initiatives.” Nicholas Ginex didn’t just write a book — a labor of love in itself — but he has also been proactive in giving other people access to the knowledge in this book. He has sent copies and written to religious leaders and sent printed materials to organizations who want to help with the “call to the sons and daughters of God.” According to Nicholas Ginex, the key note of this book is “Love one another.” That, for me, summarizes what this book is about. Only when you understand, can you truly begin to love.


This book will change your life, if you let it.


Andrea Borja, Journalist and Author of Fixing Alicia


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