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The Beginning of the Creation of God




Amen is a scholarly book like its predecessor Future of God Amen.  These books are instructive for high schools, colleges, and universities for the knowledge, facts, and findings that reveal the nature of man and how his conception of God evolved.  People and students with interests in the humanities, psychology, history, sociology, and theology studies will find both books highly illuminating.











The Beginning of the Creation of God


Monochrome, 6 X 9, 280 Pages, 1st Edition

Book features Book Reviews, Foreword, Table of Contents, and an Epilogue.


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Softcover:  ISBN: 978-1-4771-1903-7

Hardcover: ISBN :978-1-4771-1904-4

E-Book: ISBN: 978-1-4771-1905-1 



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