The Beginning of the Creation of God


Too long Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religious leaders have not understood, acknowledged, or revealed that the Ancient Egyptians were first to document the belief in one-universal god.  This book will conceivably draw criticism and rage from devout religious leaders and strong believers of these faiths because of a truth they have either denied, misconstrued, or failed to understand.  The purpose of this book is to reveal that a man of God, Jesus, proclaimed Amen, the greatest Egyptian God, as “the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God.”


The historical novel Future of God Amen serves as the backbone for the truth presented herein.  It reveals facts and findings surfaced by highly respected scholars and Egyptologists.  It presents how the Egyptian people settled along the Nile River, developed a religion that encompasses the beliefs in a soul, a hereafter, a Son of God, and finally after the worship of many gods came to believe in one-universal God.  Upon presenting Egyptian beliefs, the author reveals how those beliefs were emulated by the Hebrews, which eventually caused the birth of the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions.


A verified conclusion of Future of God Amen is that the major religions originated from the first formal religion of Egypt. It provides a critique of their scriptures to show that there are areas where consistency between them is needed.  It appeals to believers in God to encourage their religious leaders to work together to unify their beliefs in the one God.  By holding onto dogma of the past, the scriptures of these religions continue to cause division between groups of people.  Such division has caused bigotry, hatred, violence, and the killing of innocent people.


This book focuses the reader to understand why Jesus has proclaimed that Amen is, ‘the beginning of the creation of God.’ When Judaic, Christian, and Islamic leaders and believers acknowledge the words of Jesus, there is hope for mankind to reach the next level of spiritual development.


Few people have been exposed to the history of our religious past.  Only by having a true understanding of how our beliefs in God originated can we proceed on a path of knowledge about God and our purpose in life. Such knowledge will challenge many of us who have been brought up with a prescribed set of religious dogma.


It is the author’s hope that by expressing our religious views freely and honestly, we can someday not only agree to disagree, but to come to a clearer understanding that we all pray to the same God. Further, such an understanding will precipitate a movement whereby people from the major religions will bring pressure to bear upon their religious leaders to unify our beliefs in God.


Such unity in the belief of God is a challenge for the future.  We are still in infancy in our understanding of God and our purpose as creatures of God.  There is no doubt that to break the chains of dogma that restrict religious leaders to have an open mind and provide the mandate of their profession, which is to teach us to love one another, they will need the assistance of loving and perceptive daughters and sons of God.


It is this author’s hope that this book will stimulate the hearts and minds of our youth to initiate the religious changes sorely needed if we are to advance our spiritual development and closeness to God.  This book compliments Future of God Amen whereby people from all cultures and countries will actively follow the Word of God – love one another.


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